Middle Yeo

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The Middle Yeo, looking westwards

The Middle Yeo is a small, channelled river in the north of the Somerset Levels, in Somerset, flowing east to west. It is one of a series of such streams now serving to drain the Levels which from north to south are the Land Yeo, the Middle Yeo and the Blind Yeo; the latter taking the waters of all three from a cross-ditch, and flowing to the sea on the south side of Clevedon.

The Middle Yeo rises at a spring north of Nailsea and heads generally westward, flowing around Tickenham Court, a little below which it is a straight cut, fed by numerous rynes that drain the fields, followed by a dyke-top footpath. On Clevedon Moor a north-south cut from the Land Yeo abstracts all the water of the Middle Yeo and takes it to the Blind Yeo just over half a mile to the south.

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