Blind Yeo

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Swans on the Blind Yeo

The Blind Yeo is a river in Somerset, in the north of the Somerset Levels, flowing east to west and severely channeled in order to form a drain. It is one of a series of such streams now serving to drain the Levels which from north to south are the Land Yeo, the Middle Yeo and the Blind Yeo; the latter taking the waters of the other two from a cross-ditch.

The Blind Yeo is a short channel. It starts in the levels just east of Clevedon, where most of the waters of the River Kenn are drawn off in a channel, and brought together with the Parish Brook and the Tickenham Boundary Rhyne, and the cross channel bringing water from the Land Yeo and the Middle Yeo. From here, the Blind Yeo heads westwards, skirting round the south side of Clevedon, where it flows to the sea.

The river is tidal only in its last few hundred yards, broadening here sufficiently to form a haven.

The Blind Yeo at Clevedon

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