Melincourt Falls

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Melincourt Falls
Melincourt falls-7.jpg
Melincourt Falls
River: Melin Court Brook
Fall: 80 feet
Co-ordinates: 51°42’5"N, 3°42’3"W

Melincourt Falls is a waterfall on Melin Court Brook in Glamorgan, where the brook tumbles 80 feet

The brook is a left-bank tributary of the River Neath, and the waterfall is found about a mile south of Resolven. It is formed where the brook plunges over a resistant band of 'Lower Pennant Sandstone' in a 13 acre nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

The falls have been drawing visitors for at least two centuries – they are certainly known to have inspired J. M. W. Turner to paint them in 1794.[1] The falls are considered by some to constitute a part of Waterfall Country though the bulk of these falls are a few miles further northeast at the head of the Vale of Neath.

Visitor facilities

The waterfall can be accessed by the public footpath from the B4434 Resolven to Tonna Road, a mile south of Resolven. The entrance to the path is on the opposite side of the road from the public car park. The falls (otherwise known as Melincwrt Falls), can also be viewed from above where a minor public road bridges the brook immediately upstream of the drop.


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