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Kirkton Manor Church

Manor is a parish in Peeblesshire adjacent to the border with Selkirkshire. It is sometimes referred to as Kirkton Manor. It is bounded on the north and east by the parish of Peebles; on the south by the parish of Yarrow (in Selkirkshire); on the west by the parish of Drumelzier; and on the north-west by the parish of Stobo. The hamlet of Kirkton Manor is about three and a half miles south-east of the county town, Peebles.

The parish is located along the valley of Manor Water, a tributary of the River Tweed. The Tweed forms the northern boundary of the parish and the Manor Water the winds its way to the north-east, the point at which it joins the Tweed at Manor Bridge being the very north-easterly point of the parish. The population in 2011 was 140.

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