Looe River

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The River Looe in Looe
Sketchmap of the East Looe and West Looe rivers

The Looe River or River Looe is a river in southeast Cornwall, which flows into the English Channel at Looe. It has two main branches, the East Looe River and the West Looe River.

The name of the river is form the Cornish language: Logh, meaning "deep water inlet", and it gives a name to the town of Looe at the rivermouth.

The eastern tributary has its source near St Cleer and flows south, passing close to the western outskirts of Liskeard. The western tributary has its source near Dobwalls.

South of Liskeard, the Looe Valley Line railway follows the course of the river to Looe.

The lowest stretch of the rivers form the Looe Estuary, which serves as the harbour of the town of Looe, busy with boats at high tide, emptied at the ebb.

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