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Kinnettles is a parish in Angus. It is bounded on the east by Forfar, on the south-east and south by Inverarity and on the west by Glamis. The civil parish encompasses a detached part of the ancient parish of Caputh and Perthshire around Foffarty.

The centre of the parish is dominated by the oblong Brigton Hill (541 ft) whose steepest slopes descend to the Kerbet Water. The Kerbet valley is well wooded and contains two small hamlets, Kirkton and Douglastown. The only other sizeable group of dwellings is at Ingliston on the flatter area to the northwest of the A94 Forfar to Glamis road. The northern boundary is the "Great Drain", now known as the Dean Water. Strathmore Estates constructed this, from Forfar Loch to the Kerbet, in the 18th century and thus helped to drain this previously boggy area. In addition it provided a transportation route for marl from the Loch to the Estate.

There are three local estates: Brigton, Invereighty, and Kinnettles House. The latest iteration of the mansion at Kinnetles House, built in 1864 by merchant James Paterson, has served as home for such people MP Sir Harry Hopeand Wing Commander Dudley Lloyd-Evans.[1]


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