Hardcastle Crags

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Gibson Mill and the mill pond

Hardcastle Crags is a wooded valley in the Pennine within the West Riding of Yorkshire, owned by the National Trust. It is to be found about two miles north of the town of Hebden Bridge and ten miles west of Halifax.[1]

Gibson Mill

Approximately half a mile along the valley there is a 19th century cotton mill called Gibson Mill. The mill was water powered and has been renovated to demonstrate renewable energy sources and a sustainability strategy. It is surrounded by 400 acres of unspoilt woodland and crossed by thirty miles of footpaths. The former cotton mill was one of the first powered mills built at the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Water powered turbines, photo voltaic panels, composting toilets, a wood burning boiler, a wood burning ceramic stove and locally-sourced reclaimed interior materials have gone into making the venture sustainable.

The mill reopened to the public on Saturday, 24 September 2005 and there are exhibits about the mill and its workers.[2]


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