Dunkeld and Dowally

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Dunkeld and Dowally is a parish in Perthshire, 15 miles north-west of the county town, Perth, comprising the ancient town of Dunkeld, for many years the seat of the primacy of the kingdom prior to its removal to St Andrews, and now the seat of a presbytery. This place, which is of very remote origin, and is supposed to have been the capital of the ancient Caledonia, appears to have derived its name from the erection of a castle or stronghold. The town is beautifully situated on the north bank of the River Tay. The parish of Dowally and the ancient city of Dunkeld both formed originally part of the extensive parish of Caputh, from which they were separated in 1500. The church of Dowally was erected in 1820, on the site of the old church founded by Bishop Brown.

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