Dollis Brook

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Dollis Brook, near Totteridge Common
Dollis Brook by Southover Lane

Dollis Brook runs through northern Middlesex and forms the border with Hertfordshire at Totteridge. The brook is a tributary of the River Brent, which is itself a tributary of the River Thames.

The name Dollis is probably derived from the Middle English word 'dole', meaning the shares of land in the common field. The brook gives a name too to Dollish Hill.

Dollis Brook rises on Moat Mount Open Space in Mill Hill,[1] and then flows through private land under Hendon Wood Lane. Its course is eastwards through Totteridge Fields and then through fields and open spaces to King George V Playing Fields in Totteridge, Hertfordshire

The brook now turns southwards and forms the eastern boundary of Totteridge.[2] It passes through Wyatts Farm Open Space and Brook Farm Open Space to Totteridge Lane (near Totteridge and Whetstone tube station) as the boundary between Totteridge in Hertfordshire and Whetstone in Middlesex. It continues to flow southwards through Woodside Park (where it merges with Folly Brook) and West Finchley, before passing under the Dollis Brook Viaduct (which carries the Northern Line between Finchley Central and Mill Hill East tube stations).

The Brook then passes under Dollis Road and through "Windsor Open Space" to the Great North Way (the A1). Near Bridge Lane in Hendon it merges with Mutton Brook to form the River Brent.

Nature and public enjoyment

Upper Dollis Brook is rich in aquatic plants, kingfishers, grey wagtails, and moorhens can be seen along the stream.[3] The lower part is less ecologically rich, but nevertheless forms a valuable green corridor through suburban areas.[4]

The Dollis Valley Greenwalk follows almost all of Dollis Brook, apart from a short section at the beginning which passes through private land, and the London Loop follows it as far as Barnet Lane.

Upper Dollis Brook between Mill Hill and Woodside Park is a Local Nature Reserve, Borough Grade I,[3] and Lower Dollis Brook between Woodside Park and Hendon (including Brent Park) is a Local Nature Reserve, Borough Grade II.[4]


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