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County Wicklow
Northern slope of Djouce
Range: Wicklow Mountains
Summit: 2,379 feet O178103
53°7’51"N, 6°14’26"W

Djouce, sometimes referred to as Djouce Mountain, is a mountain of 2,379 feet in the north-eastern section of the Wicklow Mountains, within County Wicklow.

The name of the mountain is from the Irish Dioghais, meaning "Fortified height".


The River Dargle rises on the northern flank of the mountain, close to the source of the River Liffey which is in the Featherbeds; rising either side of the catchment boundary, the Liffey flows west, ultimately to Dublin Bay and the Dargle flows east, eventually to Bray.

The Powerscourt Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Ireland, lies on the eastern slope of Djouce.

Djouce overlooks to the west the highlands around the 'Sally Gap'; to the east the Roundwood / Calary Bog plateau. It also overlooks the corrie lake of Lough Tay to the southwest.

The southern and eastern flanks of the mountain are heavily forested, up to and above the 2,000 feet contour, mainly with Sitka spruce plantations. As these trees are clearfelled (when they mature) a policy of the reinstatement of native tree species is being pursued, either through planting or natural regeneration.

The southern 'shoulder' of Djouce is known as White Hill.


Southern slope of Djouce, May 2006

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