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North Riding
Crackpot, North Riding of Yorkshire.jpg
Grid reference: SD973966
Location: 54°21’54"N, 2°2’33"W
Post town: RIchmond
Postcode: DL11
Local Government
Council: Richmondshire

Crackpot is a village in Swaledale, in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

Its name derives from the Old Norse kraka (a crow) and the Viking word pot (usually a cavity or deep hole often in the bed of a river, but in Crackpot's case it refers to a rift in the limestone).[1]

Crackpot Cave

Main article: Crackpot Cave

Crackpot Cave is located south of Crackpot in Scurvey Scar. It contains a fine example of a column - where a stalactite has joined up with its stalagmite. To get to it you have to pass along the aptly named Knee-wrecker Passage.


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Crackpot Moor, looking to Swaledale

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A caver standing beside the column in Crackpot Cave
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