Black Mountain, Black Mountains

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Black Mountain
Herefordshire, Brecknockshire
Black Mountain Top.jpg
The summit of Black Mountain
Range: Black Mountains
Summit: 2,306 feet SO255350
52°-0’30"N, 3°5’12"W

Black Mountain is the highest peak on the Hatterrall Ridge, the easternmost outlier of the Black Mountains. Black Mountain is the county top of Herefordshire - that county's highest point - though the ridge and Black Mountain mark the boundary between Brecknockshire to the west and Herefordshire to the east and consequently the mountain summit is in both.

This Black Mountain should not be confused with the Black Mountain range about 30 miles to the west, nor with the Black Hill about a mile east.

The Offa's Dyke Path passes along the ridge, more or less from south to north, while a steeper path leads to the summit from near the former youth hostel in the Vale of Ewyas below to the west.


The summit is unmarked and, because of the very shallow gradients along the summit ridge, virtually impossible to determine in situ.

This summit is the highest ground in England south of Great Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales,[1] even though higher neighbours are very close by, in Wales.