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County Galway
Range: Twelve Bens
Summit: 2,392 feet L786539
53°31’20"N, 9°49’47"W

Benbaun is a mountain amongst the Twelve Bens in Connemara, in County Galway. Benbaun is highest of the Twelve Bens, reaching 2,392 feet and its summit is the highest point in County Galway.

The name of the mountain is from the Irish Gaelic language, in which it is called Binn Bhán, which means "White Peak"; it has thus been called "the Mont Blanc of Connemara". The name is given because there is a great deal of white rock on the mountain, mainly quartz, though this is more a feature of nearby Benbrack.


Pollacappul Lough from Benbaun