Barham, Huntingdonshire

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Barham Church - - 339430.jpg
Barham Church
Grid reference: TL137749
Location: 52°21’36"N, 0°19’48"W
Postcode: PE28
Local Government
Council: Huntingdonshire

Barham is a small village in Huntingdonshire, barely more than a hamlet. It lies near Alconbury, east of Huntingdon and is its sister hamlet of Woolley, Huntingdonshire; Barham lies a mile or so to the west-northwest of Woolley.

This parish of Barham and Woolley on the west of the Great North Road unites these two small and rather remote hamlets. Of Woolley's church only the site remains but at Barham is a delightful little church which has original 17th-century box pews.

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