Bamburgh Lighthouse

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Bamburgh Lighthouse


Lighthouse, Harkess Rocks - - 273283.jpg
Bamburgh Lighthouse
Grid reference: NU174359
Location: 55°36’60"N, 1°43’27"W
Height: 30 feet
Tower shape: parallelepiped building
with lantern on the roof
Tower marking: white building, black lantern
Light: Oc (2) WRG 8s.
Intensity: 7,140 candela
Focal height: 41 feet
Range: white: 14 nautical miles
red and green: 11 nautical miles
Admiralty No.: A2810
Built 1910
Owned by: Trinity House

Bamburgh Lighthouse stands on Black Rock Point, on the coast of Northumberland, by Bamburgh.

The lighthouse was built here by Trinity House in 1910 to guide shipping both passing along the Northumberland coast and in the waters around the Farne Islands. It was extensively modernised in 1975 and is now monitored from the Trinity House Operations and Planning Centre in Harwich. Routine maintenance is carried out by a local attendant.

Bamburgh is the most northerly land-based lighthouse operated by Trinity House: those beyond Northumberland are in the hands of the Northern Lighthouse Board.[1]

When originally built, the lamp was mounted on a skeletal steel tower (the footprint of which can still be seen within the compound) which stood alongside the white building which housed an acetylene plant to power the lamp.[2] (A similar arrangement can be seen today at Peninnis Lighthouse.) During electrification in 1975 the tower was removed, and the lantern was placed instead on top of the (now redundant) acetylene building. Keepers' accommodation has never been needed, as the light was automated from the start.


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