Hilbre Island Lighthouse

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Hilbre Island Lighthouse


Hilbre Island
Solar panels, Hilbre Island.JPG
Hilbre Island Light
Grid reference: SJ18388807
Location: 53°22’59"N, 3°13’43"W
Height: 10 feet
Tower shape: Square tower with
solar panel and light
Tower marking: White tower
Light: Red flash every 3 seconds
Intensity: 71 candela
Focal height: 46 feet
Range: 5 nautical miles
Built 1927
First lit: 1927
Owned by: Trinity House

Hilbre Island Lighthouse stands on Hilbre Island, off the end of the Wirral peninsula of Cheshire. It acts as a port landmark for the Hilbre swash in the River Dee estuary.

The light was established in 1927 by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board Authority, but it has been operated by Trinity House since 1973. It was converted from acetylene gas to solar-power operation in 1995.[1]

The lighthouse, which is ten feet tall, has a light that is 46 feet above mean high water and a range of 5 nautical miles.[2]

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