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Ardoch Pond

Ardoch is a parish in Perthshire, in which the largest village is Braco, a clustered settlement west of the city of Perth.


Over Ardoch and the Mill of Ardoch are the settlements which refer to the south-western parts of the south slope of the towering hill of Coire Odhar, rising 755 feet above the mill and Braco Castle to 1,171 feet above sea level. It is bounded by forest to the north and south and by the moorland hill of Cromlet (1,329 feet) to the west.

To the south of Braco two headwaters rising in the lower highlands to the immediate north meet, at about a little south of Braco which borders the streams, and has three bridges.

Greenloaning is immediately south of the confluence of the waters. Below Greenloaming the united waters becomes the Arran Water.

Ardoch Roman Fort is nearby, just outside Braco.

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