Ajmonecat Lake

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Ajmonecat Lake is a small, round lake, about 280 yards in diameter, found 250 yards north-east of Stancomb Cove on Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands – part of the British Antarctic Territory. The lake was formed by volcanic activity in 1967-1969.

The lake was named after Commander Giovanni Ajmone Cat, (1934 - 2007), a Commander in the Italian merchant navy. He led expeditions to Antarctica in 1969-71 and 1973-74 aboard his 34 ton felucca, San Giuseppe II, which he had designed himself and had built near Naples, Italy. He sailed into Stancomb Cove in 1969, after the volcanic eruption.

(Commander Cat was awarded the Italian Gold Medal of Military Valour in 1972.)

Location map