Sound of Raasay

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Rough grazing overlooking the Sound of Raasay
Location of the Sound

The Sound of Raasay is the sound between the islands of Raasay and Skye, two islands of the Inner Hebrides belonging to Inverness-shire.

The Sound of Raasay is the deepest water in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf, descending to 1,062 feet, which exceeding the depth of 987 feet below sea level depth observed at Loch Morar,[1][2] long thought to be the deepest.

An area, over a mile and a half long and up to a quarter of a mile wide, exists below a depth of 960 feet, with a relatively flat bottom. There is another cleft 828 feet deep, separated from the deeper bowl by an area of shallower water.[2]

A dive to examine the deeper trench found the bottom to be made up of bioturbated mud, with a steep slope towards the west of up to 60°.[3]