Great Langton

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Great Langton
North Riding
Great Langton and the River Swale
Grid reference: SE295964
Location: 54°21’45"N, 1°32’50"W
Population: 202  (2011 incl Kiplin and Whitwell)
Post town: Northallerton
Postcode: DL7
Dialling code: 01609
Local Government
Council: Hambleton

Great Langton is a small village in the North Riding of Yorkshire, on the B6271 road, between Scorton and Northallerton, on the northern bank of the River Swale and it was once known as Langton-upon-Swale.

The village is a short distance from Kiplin Hall, the stately home built by George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, the founder of Maryland.

The name 'Great Langton' derives from Old English meaning ‘Long farm/settlement’. The prefix 'Great' distinguishe it from Little Langton nearby.[1]

About the village

The River Swale from Great Langton Bridge

The village church is St Wilfrid's Church. There used to be also the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, which has now been converted into a residential property.

The village pub, which was known as The Langton Hotel until it changed its name to The Wishing Well in the 1970s, closed in 2004. There was once a school in Great Langton but it also closed and is now a residential property.

Great Langton has a small number of areas designated as 'Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation'. These include Great Langton Pond (SE289959), Poole's Waist (SE306943), a stretch of the River Swale (SE257966) and Winterwalk Wood (SE302955) in close vicinity to Little Langton.

Great Langton Pond is of ornithological interest, as well as a rich site for angling. The pond is known to contain species such as tench, bream and pike.

Poole's Waist is one of many oxbow lakes located on the River Swale. River water still floods through Poole's Waist during periods of high rainfall.[2]

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