Wootton Fitzpaine

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Wootton Fitzpaine
Wootton Fitzpaine Church - geograph.org.uk - 421769.jpg
Wootton Fitzpaine church
Grid reference: SY371957
Location: 50°45’29"N, 2°53’31"W
Population: 345  (2011, parish)
Local Government
Council: Dorset
West Dorset

Wootton Fitzpaine is a village in Dorset, some three miles north-east of Lyme Regis in a small side valley of the River Char, close to the Marshwood Vale.

The wider civil parish, though not the church parish includes Monkton Wyld to the west,[1] and at 2011 census had a recorded population of just 345 people, in 134 households.

The village

Wootton Fitzpaine consists primarily of two small centres: a larger western part comprising the village hall and about fifty densely placed houses, and a smaller eastern part comprising about a dozen houses, the church and manor house.[2]

The village is sited on Middle Lias and greensand and has a history of being agriculturally relatively prosperous.[3]

The village name derives from 'Wodetone', meaning a "Wood Farmstead", adding the name of the manorial family, Fitzpaine.[4]

The parish church was built mostly between the 13th and 15th centuries but was restored and added to in 1872.[5] It stands within the grounds of the adjacent Wootton House,[4] a three-storey brick-built house constructed around 1765 but also restored and added to in the late 19th century.[5]

The rectory dates from the end of the 15th century.[6]

Twenty structures within the parish are listed buildings.

Footpaths and trails

The Wessex Ridgeway and Monarch's Way long-distance footpaths pass through the parish, as does the Liberty Trail, a more local designated way.[2]

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