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This Guide is intended to assist in the creation of articles on parishes. It was designed for a specific project within the Church of England.

The content of a parish article is up to the contributor, and we hope that each article will grow as more material is gathered. It is helpful though to use at the beginning of each article the infobox template provided:

{{Infobox parish}}"

The infobox will give some summary detail of the town.

If the infobox is used then the article will automatically be categorised within "Diocese of [name]". If it is not used then add at the end:

[[Category:Diocese of (name of diocese)]]

(If an infobox is added later, the category line can be deleted as the infobox will do it.)

Infobox parish

The infobox template looks for certain data fields, and it does not matter is they are not all completed.


There is no need to compete the "denomination" field for a parish of the Church of England, Church of Ireland, Church of Scotland or Church in Wales. Any other denomination should do so.

diocese, status and presbytery

In "diocese", give the diocese name as, for example, "Canterbury", "London", "Carlisle", not "Diocese of London".

On occasion a parish may be outside any diocese, in which case that field should be left out and "status" be completed, for example "royal peculiar".

The "presbytery" field is for parishes of the Church of Scotland and other Presbyterian churches.

town and county

The "town" is the name of the town(s), village(s) or neighbourhood(s) within the parish.

The "county" is the County or Counties within which it lies (see also Wikishire:Geography in Britain and Ireland#Geographical location)


The "church" field is for the name of the parish church. Any other church of chapel in the parish should be given within "other churches".

Using the fields

The available fields are:


Blank template

{{Infobox parish
| name
| denomination
| diocese
| status
| presbytery
| picture
| picture caption
| town
| county
| arms
| incumbent
| incumbent title
| church
| other churches
| address
| telephone
| fax
| email
| website


The Parish of Harefield:

Parish of Harefield
Diocese of London
Harefield Parish Church, St Mary the Virgin - - 62037.jpg
Serving in: Harefield
County: Middlesex
Vicar: (vacant)
Parish church: St Mary's, Church Hill, Harefield
Address: The Parish Office, c/o The Vicarage,

28 Countess Close, Harefield, Middlesex UB9 6DL

Tel.: 01895 820941

Using references

Where references are used within braces (<ref>(text)</ref>), always add a "References" section at the end, containing the code {{Reflist}}