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The Urr Water by Orchard Knowes and Kipp Hill

Urr Water or River Urr is a river in Kirkcudbrightshire. The Urr Water originates at Glenlair, and flows southwards for thirty miles from Loch Urr to its outflow into the Solway Firth at Rough Firth. The village of Kippford stands near the head of the firth where the Urr Water reaches the sea; the only other coastal settlement of any size is Rockcliffe.

The town on the river is Dalbeattie.

The Urr is noted for salmon fishing.[1]

The river also flows past the village Haugh of Urr, in the Urr parish. 'Haugh' means river-meadow or a level piece of ground beside a stream, from the Old Norse haugr meaning a knoll or mound.[2]


Urr Water


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Coordinates: 54°50′N 3°50′W / 54.833°N 3.833°W / 54.833; -3.833