Symonds Yat Rapids

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Top wave
Bottom wave
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Symonds Yat Rapids are a feature on the River Wye, near Symonds Yat on the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire border, between Symonds Yat West and Symonds Yat East at the end of the river's long loop at Symonds Yat. This reach of the river is all in a deep gorge.

The rapids are man-made for the purpose of water sport, and are rated "grade-2" for difficulty. They are most commonly used by canoeists and kayakers for whitewater training and playboating.

Construction and management

Man-made rock walls have been installed to modify the flow of the river on river right, and provide waves and eddies.

The British Canoe Union purchased the banks to the river in 2003 allowing year round access.[1]

The rapids when flooded

Typically the mid-autumn and mid-spring periods provide the best levels. After very heavy rain the features will wash out leaving nothing more than fast flowing water.

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