Skelbo Castle

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Skelbo Castle


Scotland Highlands Skelbo Castle.jpg
Skelbo Castle ruins
Location: 57°55’47"N, 4°2’28"W
Built 14th century
Condition: Ruined

Skelbo Castle is a ruined 14th-century keep, located on the high shore at the mouth of Loch Fleet in Sutherland. The remaining wall is best preserved at the northern side of the castle. The remains are protected as a scheduled monument,[1] and as a Category-B listed building.[2]


In 1308 Robert the Bruce captured an earlier castle at the site belonging to the Sutherlands. In 1529 the castle was bought by William Sutherland of Duffus. A 16th-century house was built adjacent, and was abandoned as a residence in the 20th century.

Mikhail de Buar (d.2009) was the last owner of the castle, who died without the testament. His legacy is now the subject of a major scandal and litigation in Russia.


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