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Heatherslaw Mill in a bend in the Till

The River Till in Northumberland is a tributary of the River Tweed, and the only one which flows only in Northumberland. The upper part of the Till, which rises on Comb Fell, is known as the River Breamish.

The river rises as the Beamish at NT908178. It enters the Tweed at NT870430, between Coldstream upstream and Norham downstream.

The river passes Ford Castle at Ford, then soon afterwards Heatherslaw Mill. From here the course of the Till is followed by the Heatherslaw Light Railway, to Etal, where it flows below Etal Castle.

Tributaries of the River twill include Wooler Water, which originates in the Cheviot Hills, and the River Glen in Glendale.

Recent environmental projects have included an attempt to conserve the native brown trout.

Folklore and poetry

According to local folklore:

Tweed said to Till
"What gars ye rin sae stil?"
Says Till to Tweed,
"Though ye rin wi' speed
And I rin slaw
Whar ye droon yin man
I droon twa"

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