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Osgodby Point from the beach at Cayton Bay

Osgodby Point or Knipe Point is a rocky headland on the North Sea coast of the North Riding of Yorkshire, between Cornelian Bay to the north and Cayton Bay to the south. It lies betwen Scarborough to north and Filey to the south. The headland and Cayton Bay are the property of the National Trust.

From this point, and running south, is the steeply sloping clay-till cliff on top of which stood the NALGO holiday camp between 1933 and 1974; this is where Knipe Point Drive was later built. The Cayton Cliff is subject to continuing surface landslips, potentially major at times,[1] such as the one of 2008, known as the Knipe Point Landslide,[2] which received national media attention due to the loss of three homes.


A camp owned by the National Union of Local Government Officers opened here in 1933: the first trade union holiday camp in the northern counties. It had 124 wooden bungalows, accommodating 252 visitors. A dining hall with waiter service, a rest room along with recreation rooms for playing cards, billiards, a theatre for indoor shows and dancing was also provided. The new centre also provided Tennis courts, Bowling greens along with a children's play area. The visitors could walk to the beach where there was a sun terrace and beach house which also had a small shop.

During the Second World War, the camp became a home for evacuated children from Middlesbrough.

The NALGO camp closed in 1974 and was later sold. The site became permanent residential homes in 1985 when a planning restriction limiting the site to holiday homes was overruled following an appeal by the owner of the site.[3]

Three homes were demolished in 2008 after an ancient landslide was reactivated[4] due to a prolonged season of heavy rain. The landslipping behaviour was investigated through a ground investigation and a geomorphological assessment, which identified groundwater movements through the coastal slope as the critical control on triggering of events.


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