Ogof Nadolig

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Ogof Nadolig
Ogof nadolig entrance.jpg
Lower entrance structure
Co-ordinates: 53°10’51"N, 3°12’47"W
Length: 980 feet
Access: Free
Hazards: None
Geology: Limestone

Ogof Nadolig is a cave in the Alyn Gorge near Cilcain in Flintshire. It has been explored by potholers: passage in the cave is mostly crawling. The cave is 980 feet long, and ends with a shaft up to the surface and a locked manhole cover.

Nearby, but closer to the river, are the caves Ogof Hesp Alyn and Ogof Hen Ffynhonnau.

The name of the cave means "Christmas Cave", and was given because it was discovered on Christmas Day.

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