Norrard Rocks

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Norrard Rocks

Isles of Scilly

Gweal - - 1959319.jpg
Gweal seen from Bryher
Grid reference: SV867152

The Norrard Rocks (or "Northern Rocks") are a group of small uninhabited granite rocks in the north–western part of the Isles of Scilly, to the west of Bryher and Samson.

The Norrad Rocks are designated as a "Site of Special Scientific Interest" for their breeding seabird colonies. The vegetation on the islands is limited by the extreme exposure and only six species of plants have been recorded.[1]

The islands and rocks in order of area:[2]

  • Gweal 14½ acres and 105 feet high is a small rocky island consisting of two hills linked by a boulder beach, just off the west coast of Bryher.
  • Scilly Rock 5 acres
  • Mincarlo 4½ acres: the southernmost of the group
  • Illiswilgig 2 acres
  • Maiden Bower (Cornish: Meyn-Meur, meaning "great rocks") 1½ acre
  • Castle Bryher 1 acre
  • Seal Rock ½ acre - An important breeding and haul out site for the grey seal. The only plant recorded is orache


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