Mounton House

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Mounton House
Location: 51°38’10"N, 2°42’13"W
Village: Mounton
Built 1912-14
By: Henry Avray Tipping
Arts and Crafts

Mounton House in Mounton, Monmouthshire, is the last major country house built in the county, constructed between 1912 and 1914 by the architect and writer Henry Avray Tipping for himself. Now a special school, the house is a Grade II* listed building.


Tipping had earlier worked at Mathern Palace in the late 1890s[1] and in 1912 began the construction of his home at Mounton, on the site of a cliff-top garden he had previously designed.[1] Tipping worked with the Chepstow architect Eric Francis to create a large house in the Arts and Crafts style using local materials.[1]


The house is two-storeyed, with a large hipped roof.[2] The main building forms the central block of a three-sided courtyard, with a service court to the left and a long gallery to the right.[2]


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