Mount Paget

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Mount Paget
South Georgia and
the South Sandwich Islands
Mount Paget.jpeg
Mount Paget
Range: Allardyce Range
South Georgia
Summit: 9,629 feet 54°25’59"S, 36°33’-0"W

Mount Paget is a mountain of the island of South Georgia, within the Allardyce Range. It is the highest mountain in the island of South Georgia and in the territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Not only is its summit the territory top, but Mount Paget is the highest point of any territory of the United Kingdom, whether in the kingdom or its overseas territories outside the inchoate British claims in Antarctica, the British Antarctic Territory, where rises a higher peak still, Mount Jackson.

Mount Paget is a saddle-shaped mountain, marking the highest point of the Allardyce Range in the central part of South Georgia. This feature was known to early sealers and whalers at South Georgia, and the name has long been established through general usage. It is clearly visible from Grytviken and King Edward Point.

With its height and relative prominence above the surrounding land, in worldwide terms, Mount Paget is listed as an "Ultra prominent peak".


The first ascent of the mountain was a British military team. It was accomplished by a Combined Services Expedition led by Commander Malcolm Burley on 30 December 1964. The team had first retraced Earnest Shackleton's epic crossing of South Georgia, from Pegotty Camp to Stromness.


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