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Hopetoun Monument

Monimail is a parish in the central valley of Fife. It is bounded on the north by Dunbog, Creich and Moonzie; in the east by Cupar; on the south by Cults and Collessie; and on the west by Abdie. The A91 road from Stirling to St Andrews passes through the south of the parish, with the east-coast A92 passes through to the west.

The parish is perhaps best known as the site of the Palace of Monimail, the a Renaissance palace which served as residence of the Archbishops of St Andrews from the 13th century. Besides the hamlet at Monimail itself, there is one village, Letham, four miles west of Cupar and five miles east of Auchtermuchty. The entire parish has a population of 511 at the 2011 census.

The highest point is Mount Hill, on top of which a beautiful pillar, upwards of 100 feet in height was been erected in 1826 in memory of Lord Hopetoun. The southern part is generally more level, and diversified by soft undulations. The parish is watered by several rivulets which all fall into the River Eden.

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