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County Wicklow
Lugnaquilla's west side from Camara Hill
Range: Wicklow Mountains
Summit: 3,117 feet T032917
52°58’1"N, 6°27’53"W

Lugnaquilla or Lugnaquillia, historically called Lugnaculliagh is a mountain in County Wicklow. It reaches 3,117 feet and is the highest peak of the Wicklow Mountains range, the highest in the province of Leinster, and the 13th highest peak in the island of Ireland.

The mountain's name is from the Irish Gaelic Log na Coille, meaning "Hollow of the Wood". It is affectionately known as "Lug".

Views, on a clear day, extend east across the Irish Sea to the hills of the Llŷn peninsula and mountains of Snowdonia in Caernarfonshire, and west to the mountains of Munster.


The mountain's proximity to Dublin ensures that Lugnaquilla is a frequently climbed mountain.

The three popular approaches are from the Glen of Imaal, Glenmalure and Aghavannagh with the shortest direct route from the Glen of Imaal by way of Camara Hill that skirts the military artillery range.[1]

Lugnaquilla is a bulky mountain, with a large plateau-type summit, bounded on two sides by steep glacial corries called "North Prison" and "South Prison".[1]

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