Loch na Creige Duibhe

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The head of Loch na Creige Duibhe

Loch na Creige Duibhe is a small freshwater loch in South Morar, in the south-west of Inverness-shire. It is orientated east to west and drains into Loch Màma to the west.

It is thought that Loch Màma and Loch na Creige Duibhe were at one time a single loch, and that debris brought down by the Allt Dearg stream has caused the lochs to be separated into two bodies of water.

The loch was surveyed on 11 July 1902 by James Parsons and T.R.H. Garrett and later charted[1] as part of Sir John Murray and Laurence Pullar's Bathymetrical Survey of Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland 1897-1909.