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Liff Church

Liff and Benvie is a parish in the south-west of Angus adjacent to the border with Perthshire. Indeed, the portion to the north-west of Benvie forms a salient into the latter county, surrounded by the Perthshire parishes of Fowlis Easter and Longforgan. The ancient parish extends into the western suburbs of Dundee, but since that city's municipal expansion, the civil parish is much reduced, encompassing Birkhil, Liff, Muirhead and Benvie, with a population of 3,169. Including the burghal part of the ancient parish, this increases to 42,739.

The word Liff is a North British or Pictish term signifying "a flood" or "inundation," but the reason of its application to the first-named of these two ancient parishes is not known: the name of Benvie is supposed to be derived from the Celtic term beinn buidhe, "the yellow hill or mount." The parishes were united in November, 1758.

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