Lewesdon Hill

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Lewesdon Hill
Summit: 915 feet ST436013
50°48’31"N, 2°48’7"W

Lewesdon Hill is a hill in western Dorset, about 2½ miles west of Beaminster. It is Dorset's county top. Like many of the high hills in Dorset, including its neighbour Pilsdon Pen, Lewesdon Hill is the site of an Iron Age hill fort.

The hill is formed from upper greensand which is resistant to erosion than the surrounding clay. As the highest point in Dorset, the hill is closely followed by Pilsdon Pen (909 feet) and Bulbarrow Hill (902 feet).

To the south of the hill is the Marshwood Vale, a National Trust property.

There are two main footpaths leading up to the summit, one from the village of Broadwindsor, and one from Coombe Lane (off the B3162 between Broadwindsor and Bridport, just before the "four ash" crossroads). The Coombe Lane footpath leads to the hill by way of another, smaller hill, Crabb Hill, which is privately owned.