Lewes Brooks

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Lewes Brooks

Lewes Brooks is a wetland area to the south of Lewes in Sussex. Here as valleys of the Glynde Reach and the Ouse meet, the innumerable brooks running off the scarp of the South Downs create a broad, flat land of meadows and streams beteen the hill slope and the Ouse, which are is known as the Lewes Brooks.

An area of 838 acres has ben designated a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest.[1]

This site is on the flood plain of the River Ouse, and has fields separated by ditches. Variations in salinity from brackish to spring-fed, together with periodic clearing of ditches, produce a variety of habitats. The site is home to a diverse array of invertebrate fauna, especially water beetles. There are also rare snails, flies and moths. [1]


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