Kiltarlity and Convinth

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Glen Convinth from the A833

Kiltarlity and Convinth is a parish in northern Inverness-shire corresponding to the ancient parish of Convinth, from which Kiltarlity was formed in 1226. Bounded to the north-west and north by Kilmorack, east by Kirkhill and Inverness, and south by Urquhart and Glenmoriston, it has an utmost length from north-east to south-west of 30¼ miles and a varying width of between ½ mile and 10 miles.

Besides Kiltarlity, the parish also includes the villages and hamlets of Blachraggan, Culburnie, Camault Muir and Tomich as well as Erchless Castle.

Mountains and hills

Almost everywhere hilly or mountainous, the surface in the extreme north-east is only 18 feet above sea-level but it rises to:

where asterisks mark those summits on the borders of the parish.

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