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Idstone TripTheDaisey.JPG
Trip the Daisey, former public house
Grid reference: SU256842
Location: 51°33’23"N, 1°37’53"W
Postcode: SN6
Dialling code: 01793
Local Government
Council: Vale of White Horse
Website: Ashbury Parish News

Idstone is a hamlet in the civil parish of Ashbury in northern Berkshire. Idstone is less than a mile to the southwest of Ashbury and within yards of the boundary with Wiltshire, about 6 miles east of Wiltshire's biggest town, Swindon.

The village supports a mainly agricultural community based around three farms. Idstone is bisected by the ancient Icknield Way, which have brought people this way since before Roman times.


Antiquities found at Idstone indicate that some of the lands have been farmed from Roman times to the present day and that others were used in the Iron Age and as long ago as the 5th Century BC.

The Three Barrows are bowl barrows on Idstone Down[1] about 2½ miles south-east of the hamlet and ¾ mile southwest of Ashdown House.


Idstone's name has evolved from the Old English Eadwinestun (Edwin's estate) in the 12th century through Edyston and Edwiston in the 15th century, Edston in the 16th century and Idston, Hidston, Geston or Jeston in the 17th century.[2] The form Edwinston seems to have been in use until the 19th or 20th century.[2]

In the 12th century the manor of Edwineston was assessed at three hides and the Benedictine Abbot of Glastonbury was the lord of the manor.[2]

The Trip the Daisey Inn was built late in the 17th century.[1] It is now a private house.[1]


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