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Top of Heaval, looking out into the Atlantic

Heaval is the highest hill on the island of Barra, Inverness-shire. It is 1,257 ft tall and is located a mile north-east of Castlebay. Barra forms part of the Outer Hebrides.

It is most easily ascended from the south-east, from the top of a 333-ft road pass just under a mile north-east of Castlebay. There is signposted car park nearby. About halfway up the ridge, there is a white statue of the Virgin and Child. Near the top, the ridge becomes steep, but any difficulties can be bypassed on the south side.

The two other hills on Barra with 500 ft of reascent are Ben Tangaval (1,092 ft) in the west, and Ben Cliad (662 ft) in the north. Another hill, Theisabhal Mor (623 ft) is on Vatersay, which is linked to Barra by causeway. Five of the uninhabited islands to the south have summits higher than 500 ft; weather permitting, these islands can be visited, with time for summit ascents, by arrangement with Barra Fishing Charters.


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