Great Yarmouth Row Houses

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Great Yarmouth Row Houses
Merchant's House - - 1018601.jpg
Location: 52°36’12"N, 1°43’37"E
Town: Great Yarmouth
Address: South Quay, Great Yarmouth
Built early 17th century
Merchant's House
Owned by: English Heritage

Great Yarmouth Row Houses are a row of 17th century houses along the South Quay in Great Yarmouth on the east coast of Norfolk.

These were originally built as one family's dwelling for a wealthy merchant of the town, but the hosue was later divided into tenements and became part of the town's distinctive 'Rows',[1] a network of narrow alleyways linking Yarmouth's three main thoroughfares.

Many 'Row houses' were damaged by Second World War bombing or demolished during post-War clearances. These two surviving properties have been preserved to show the different characteristics of the dwellings over various stages in their history. The Row Houses are under the management and care of English Heritage.

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