Government House, Stanley

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Government House

Falkland Islands

Government House in Stanley, Falkland Islands.jpg
Government House in Stanley
Type: Governor's residence
Location: 51°41’30"S, 57°52’21"W
Town: Stanley
Built 1845
Governor's residence
Owned by: The Crown

Government House in Stanley has been the home of the Governors of the Falkland Islands since the mid-19th century. The official residence was built in 1845.

The Encyclopædia Britannica in 1911 wrote that "Government House, grey, stone-built and slated, calls to mind a manse in Shetland or Orkney."

Sir Ernest Shackleton stayed here at the conclusion of his famous expedition, the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Allegedly, he described his time there as being "far colder than any time on the ice". Whether that refers to the welcome he received or the temperature is not clear.

Government House is a listed building.

The estate was the site of a major battle during the Argentine invasion of the Falklands in 1982.