Gibraltar South Mole Lighthouse

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Gibraltar South Mole Lighthouse


Location: 36°8’2"N, 5°21’51"W
Height: 56 feet
Tower shape: cylindrical mast with beacon
Tower marking: white tower
Light: Fl W 2s.
Focal height: 60 feet
Range: white: 15 nautical miles
Admiralty No.: D 2442
Owned by: Port of Gibraltar

The Gibraltar South Mole Lighthouse is one of several small lighthouses in Gibraltar. It stands at the mouth of Gibraltar Harbour, at "A" Head (from which it is also known as the Gibraltar "A" Head Lighthouse), which is the end of the South Mole of the harbour. It has a cast-iron, skeletal tower which is painted black and features two galleries. The lighthouse remains operational and is operated by the Gibraltar Port Authority.


The light comprises a black, octagonal tower built of cast iron, with a height of 56 feet. The skeletal tower has a central cylinder and has retained its original gallery. The lamp was exchanged for a square skeletal tower and new lantern, with a second gallery platform, to elevate the plane of the light. (A similar tower at the south end of the Western Arm of the North Mole of the port differs in that it lacks the original gallery platform.)

The light characteristic is a flashing white light, with one flash every two seconds, and the range is fifteen nautical miles. The operational lighthouse has a focal plane of 60 feet.

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