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Ford on the Eye Brook at Tugby Wood
The Eye Brook near Beaumont Chase Farm
The Eye Brook meets the Welland

The Eye Brook is a river some 10 miles long in Leicestershire and Rutland. It is a tributary of the River Welland.

After rising near Tilton on the Hill or Skeffington in Leicestershire, it flows eastwards. Near where the brook crosses the A47, it starts to form the county border between Leicestershire and Rutland, and then passes between Belton-in-Rutland to the north, and Allexton to the south. It then proceeds south-eastwards. Between Stoke Dry and Caldecott the river is dammed to form the Eyebrook Reservoir. Soon after this, it discharges its waters into the River Welland, which here forms the border with Northamptonshire.

Much of the land surrounding the brook is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.[1] A report by English Nature considered the river to be one of the most "natural" in the county having experienced very little human intervention.

The Eye Brook Community Heritage Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery, documents the evolution of land use within the Brook's catchment, the management and use of natural resources associated with it, and the underlying ecology.[2]

The river holds a variety of fish species, including roach, dace and chub. Wild brown trout spawn in the lower reaches.[2]

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