Dymchurch Martello Tower

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Dymchurch Martello Tower


Martello 24 - geograph.org.uk - 412645.jpg
Tower 24, Martello Tower, Dymnchurch
Type: Martello Tower
Grid reference: TR10162925
Location: 51°1’38"N, 0°59’45"E
Built 1805
Owned by: English Heritage
Website: Dymchurch Martello Tower

Dymchurch Martello Tower, known also as Tower 24, is a Martello tower on the English Channel coast at Dymchurch in Kent. It stands immediately behind the sea wall.

The tower is a Grade II listed building and a scheduled monument.[1]

The tower, along with several other Martello towers, was built at the opening of the nineteenth century, during the Napoleonic Wars, as part of a coastal defence programme. It was placed to protect the gates of marsh sluices with its counterpart Tower no 25 (which is now largely derelict).[2]

Tower 23 was restored externally in the early 1970s[3] and is currently a private residence. Tower 24 was then restored using Tower 23 as a guide. In 1969, it became the first Martello tower to be opened to the public and remains as a museum of the Martello Towers, owned by English Heritage.

The tower has a 24 pounder muzzle-loading cannon on the gun platform.[2]

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