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The Dear Water near Wintercleugh

The Daer Water is a small river of southern Lanarkshire which is one of the two main headwaters of that county's greatest river the River Clyde.

The river rises in the Ganna Burn, Crow Burn and neighbouring streams on the slopes of Ganna Hill at the very southernmost point of Lanarkshire, at the border of Lanarkshire with Dumfriesshire, and the watershed between the Firth of Clyde to the north and the Solway Firth to the south.

The burns unite near the farm named Daerhead and from here the Daer Water flows north for a few miles before plunging into the Daer Reservoir. The Crook Burn joins here and, on leaving the reservoir, the waters head north.

The Daer Water meets the Potrail Water at Watermeetings, and below their meeting point the united river is the Clyde itself.

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