Cruach Mhór

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Cruach Mhór
County Kerry
Range: MacGillycuddy's Reeks
Summit: 3,058 feet V84088482
52°0’14"N, 9°41’20"W

Cruach Mhór is mountain in County Kerry, within Ireland's highest range, MacGillycuddy's Reeks. Cruach Mhór stands close by the Big Gun and is only 23 feet shorter, reaching a height of 3,058 feet. Cruach Mhór is the 11th highest summit in Ireland.

On the mountain summit is a large grotto with a brass statue of the Virgin and Child, built by a local farmer who dragged the cement, sand and water up from his home in Ballyledder on his back.

The name "Cruach" refers to the shape of the hill; a number of Irish peaks with a sharply pointed shape have this name. The word Cruach can be an adjective meaning "bloody" or "gory", or a noun, meaning variously "steel", "slaughter", "stack of corn", or "pile, heap, mound". Cruach Mhór means "Big Cruach".

A lower peak to the east is known as An Chruach Bheag ("the Little Cruach"). Both have the sharply pointed shape associated with peaks. The whole range of MacGillycuddy's Reeks are called in the Irish language na Cruacha Dubha (the Black Cruachs).


Ascent of Cuach Mhór may be made as part of a long traverse of the Reeks for the very fit, or as a single climb, which is how most enjoy it.

At Cronins Yard [ V83668734] is a paying car park, and by it a tearoom in season. A path runs up to Lough Cummeenapeasta and up along a rock-strewn way to the top.