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Criffel from across the Solway Firth
Summit: 1,870 feet NX957618
54°56’24"N, 3°37’47"W

Criffel is a hill in Kirkcudbrightshire, in the southeast of the county, close to the coast on the Solway Firth.

The hill is 1,870 high but appears higher because of its great isolation and high relative height. It is a prominent feature, rising out of the otherwise level plain along the coast of the Solway, and it appears proudly in many of the views from the northern Lake District on a clear day.

Criffel is surrounded by a host of satellites, including Long Fell, Maidenpap and Bainloch Hill. The slopes of Criffel feature the upland vegetation of heather, bog cotton and blueberry and are inhabited by skylarks. Loch Kindar sits at the foot of the hill.