Comb Law

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Comb Law
Toward Comb Law from Meikle Shag - - 719668.jpg
Toward Comb Law from Meikle Shag
Range: Lowther Hills
Summit: 2,107 feet NS944074
55°20’58"N, 3°40’1"W

Comb Law is a hill of 2,107 feet in the south of Lanarkshire, amongst the Lowther Hills. It stands close to the county border with Dumfriesshire, a mile away, where the Dalveen Pass cuts through the hills.

The great, smooth, grassy bulk of Comb Law rises in the land between the Daer Water and the Potrail Water, which two river meet just below Comb Hill at Watermeetings, to create the River Clyde.

Meikle Shag

Moonrise over Meikle Shag

Meikle Shag is a spur of Comb Law, a mile to the northwest of the main Comb Law summit. Its own summit is 1,972 feet above sea level. Meikle Shag is a substantial hill of itself when viewed from the valley; it has a steep slope climbing form the valley of the Palnure Burn, and overlooks the meeting of the waters.

This spur has itself a subsidiary hill to the north, named 'Little Shag'.