Castle Lug

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Castle Lug

County Antrim

Castle Lug in Greenisland, Co Antrim - geograph-2334514.jpg
Castle Lug
Type: Tower house
Grid reference: J37398437
Location: 54°41’20"N, 5°52’12"W
Village: Greenislamd
Built 16th / 17th century
Condition: Ruins

Castle Lug is an impressive ruined tower house whose remaining main wall stands solid but alone in the village of Greenisland, close by the north shore of Belfast Lough, in County Antrim. Its name is also written as Castle Lugg, a name possibly taken from the Lugge family who were prominent in nearly Carrickfergus.

The castle was built in the 16th-17th century, but was possibly developed from an earlier mediæval tower house. Few records remain so it is speculation whether the tower was initially just a fortified manor house or a more substantial defensive fort guarding the shore of Belfast Lough and the approach to Carrickfergus.

The castle today

Only a small section of the wall remains, and a fireplace. In 1918 the then owner purchased a surplus forge from the army for his horses and placed it into the fireplace.

This is a prominent building, set back from the road, alone, but clear as to the solidity of its purpose. It is nevertheless dwarfed many times over by Carrickfergus Castle just two or three miles up the coast.

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